USFWS D/B Poole Road Rehab

Client USFWS

Contract Amount $1,228,448.10

Completion Date 08/21/2020

Tarpan Construction was the Prime Contractor on this Design-Build project.  Tarpan teamed up with Ballard CLC for the design portion of the project.

Construction began in July of 2020 and was completed on August 21, 2020. The construction phase began by performing ditch cleaning for a total of 6 miles to help improve drainage. Then we used a motor grader and put the existing road base on grade.  Lastly, we put down a 10” stone overlay with a paver.  This method helped us yield a near-perfect stone placement. The project was approximately 3 miles long and 24’ wide.  This section of Poole Road provides access to the Bayou Cocodrie NWR.